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The ability of communities to effectively gather information about the impact of their efforts, analyze that information, tell the story of their work, and adapt their efforts based on analysis is a critical element of self-sufficient, sustained community resources management.

This work is not always done alone; in many cases specialists and scientists can be of great help in documenting impacts and telling the story of community based natural resource management.

To advance community-based management, we recognize the need to bridge communities, scientists and policymakers to provide information and generate knowledge and research to support this work.

As we have opportunity, we collect these resources, summarize them and make them available where they are needed.

Over time, we will be working to post and make available these research resources in this section of the website.

Mahalo to our friends who have generously provided us permission to share their work on this website.

If you have a paper, website, video or other resource that you believe is relevant to community-based management efforts and would like to share, please contact Kevin Chang, at Mahalo!