Kamu & the Pueo by Damien Kenison

“Plenty obstacles, plenty blessings.’ Damien Kenison celebrates the culture of Hookena. 

This flipbook, Kamu and the Pueo, is the creation of Damien Kenison. He wrote the story in 1994, drew pictures and colored them. He was inspired to write it to convey a message of humility, respect, and spirituality. 

Kamu and the Pueo | PDF to Flipbook

“I read it to the Hookena Elementary 2nd and 3rd grade. At that time I was fishing and working part time for a native Hawaiian program, Pihana na Mamo. My idea was to teach our Ho’okena keiki about culture and Hawaiian values relevant to where they were born and raised.”

That is something he is still trying to do today. He is growing kalo at the school with a sign talking about pono opelu fishing and how kupuna used kalo to hanai koa.

Kenison explains that he has “a very firm commitment to do doing all he can to maintain our opelu canoe fishing culture which connects us to our kupuna, instills pride in our youth, and to malama’aina. Hookena is the last Hawaiian opelu canoe fishing village which is a significant factor when interacting with government and other nonprofits. It identifies us as the hoa’aina of this place we call home. E’o Hookena. 

According to Kenison, this flip-book was sponsored by the NO CRISES PROJECT

“I’m grateful to the No Crisis team for helping to birth this little book,” said Kenison. 

“It’s been a long haul for me, plenty obstacles but plenty blessings. I just want to protect and preserve the legacy of my Hookena ohana.” 

Nothing would give him greater joy than to see this book read and shared.  Enjoy! And send it on to friends and family. It will make them smile—and they might learn a thing or two along the way.

Damien Kenison is the President of the Kauhako Ohana Association


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