How We Work

cbsfa gathering

Our approach is “bottoms-up,” inclusive, and community-driven. We work only where we are invited to work. We believe communities hold tremendous knowledge, and that they are often the best teachers for one another. We believe communities need and deserve connective spaces where they can share, learn, and grow — together.

KUA is community-driven.  We build local capacity for community-based management of natural and cultural resources, supporting community-based organizations in identifying their own resource management goals and developing the expertise, knowledge, and skills necessary to accomplish these goals. 

We are committed to nurturing connective spaces where a growing network of communities can incubate ideas, pursue joint-strategies, learn from one another, and leverage shared strengths.

KUA promotes fair and equitable partnerships. KUA is committed to integrity, transparency, and accountability in all of our actions, and we partner with organizations and institutions that demonstrate a shared commitment to these values.