Hoʻokua: Hale o Lono

In 2014, ten years after Hui Mālama Loko Iʻa formed as a consortium of fishponds throughout our islands, KUA facilitated the largest-ever gathering of the hui. During the group’s discussions on Maui, practitioners voiced an idea and desire to focus on active restoration through collaborative workdays and mobile volunteering at various fishponds. In 2015 and 2016, this idea was brought to life through Hoʻokua, an initiative named by a working group that helped to plan and guide its beginning stages.

hoʻo.kua: to persevere in work even when interest and pleasure have gone from it; burdensome.

“Kuleana is also a responsibility that not everyone wants to take on, but we know in our na’au that it needs to get done…We can also use it to play on the word kua. Kua is our back, like the kuapā is our backbone. It can also be seen as the process of making the kua / kuapā.” — Kahiau Wallace

Mahalo to Lanihuli Kanahele for putting together this feature of Hoʻokua at Hale o Lono in the summer calm of 2016.

Lately, the ocean is vigorous at Hale o Lono due to increasing winter swells, so there is lots of work to do…they have community workdays on the second Sunday of every month, 9am – 12pm! Check it out!


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