Historic Hawai‘i Foundation honors the Hā‘ena State Park Lo‘i Kalo Restoration!

The Historic Hawai‘i Foundation is celebrating its 40th anniversary and this year, the work at Hā‘ena was chosen for one of their Preservation Honor Awards! These awards are Hawai‘i’s highest recognition of preservation projects that perpetuate, rehabilitate, restore or interpret the state’s architectural, archaeological and cultural heritage. The Foundation recognized the successful collaborative work that was required to restore the lo‘i in Hā‘ena, so the honorees include Hui Maka‘āinana o Makana, the Kaua‘i Division of State Parks, and Limahuli Garden and Preserve.

The lo‘i was featured as the cover photo in the Foundation’s publication, “Historic Hawai‘i News” (our copy got a little busted up in the mail), and the honorees will be celebrated at the awards presentation in Honolulu on May 30, 2014.

Congratulations to our friends and longtime E Alu Pū participants from the Hui and Limahuli Garden!! We are so stoked that more people are learning about your hard work, and we celebrate you every day!



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