E Alu Pū 2013 Photos and Report

Mahalo to Ka Honua Momona for hosting the 10th anniversary gathering of E Alu Pū. And mahalo nui to all who came, participated, and worked so hard to make this event so special. Peruse our summary report by checking out this link!https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8QG9hB-1fYaUi14RGExWTZRY2s/edit?usp=sharing

You can find photos of the gathering from Kim Moa (Moa Photography), Liz Foote and Ken Posney (Kawaiola Photography) here:https://www.flickr.com/gp/94076537@N07/QV2248 If you have a question or request, please email Alex at alex@kuahawaii.org or call 808-672-2545.

Photos below: first photo by Liz Foote, remaining photos by Kim Moa.

KHM Hale Circle

EAP 2013 KHM Welcome

EAP 2013 Hii Uncle Merv Honi

EAP 2013 Alli Fishpond View

Huakai Moomomi Depart

Moomomi Huakaki


Kamu Imu

Mangrove Pull

Net Weaving

aelike kuka

closing circle


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