Waimānalo Chainsaw Training 2022

On January 27 and 28 2022,  Kuaʻāina Ulu ʻAuamo hosted one of the first in-person training workshops since the pandemic started. In order for us to abide by government recommendations and guidelines surrounding COVID-19, we held it all outdoors and kept it open to a few non-profit organizations. To address a need expressed by E Alu Pū network members, Godʻs Country Waimānalo (GCW), a chainsaw safety training workshop was offered.

To connect community efforts and support  training pathways we included a few members of Paepae o Heʻeia who desire one day  to become trainers themselves. Eight Waimānalo community members who kōkua in the efforts of GCWʻs Ulu Pono Mahi ʻĀina agroforestry program along with a few KUA staff members participated in this training. This medley of close-knit ʻohana members were intentionally selected to mitigate possible risk.

The two-day workshop, led by Tal Adelson and Jolie Goldenetz-Dollar of Arbor Global LLC, focused on chainsaw safety andprotocol. We incorporated Hawaiian cultural protocol as well.  Safety and protocol were at the forefront of each step of the process: we asked permission to enter the spaces, offered pule, checked tool safety, utilizied all required personal protective equipment,  machinery start up precautions,, tree felling plans, and their execution . Kilo(observation) of the environment was also a necessary skill set in order to safely assess individualized situations.

Throughout the workshop the group shared many real life experiences from all levels of chainsaw expertise. From novice to expert, learning occurred throughout the whole process. Overall, the workshop was a success and the hui at GCW is looking forward to utilizing the skills learned on ʻāina.

Photo Credits: Kim Moa


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