A Message of Aloha this Piko o Wākea 🌞 – Mahalo & A Hui Hou !

Last week, KUA staff gathered in person and on Zoom at a place in Koʻolaupoko, Oʻahu dear to our new Limu Hui Coordinator. In observance of Piko o Wākea – Ke Alaʻula a Kāne, we were led in ceremony by our newly married Lohe Pono Fellow. We learned new oli together, we shared personal and professional goals, and reflected on this season of transition. It is in this spirit of the vernal equinox that I write to you all with the news that my time at KUA has come to an end.


What does Kole aku kole mai mean? In ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi, Kole is commonly known as a tasty and desirable reef fish. However, when reduplicated, kolekole is an informal talk story. With its directionals, Kole aku kole mai becomes a reciprocation of stories we share amongst each other! 

SHIMA Program

SHIMA – ISLAND ( JAPANESE ) A collaboration between KUA and the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST), the SHIMA: Okinawa-Hawaiʻi STEM Education Collaborative was a joint STEM education […]

The Invisible Magic of Miwa. A Hui Hou & Mahalo!

In this time of transition marked by the equinox, Piko o Wākea – Ke Alaʻula a Kāne, we reflect on the ending of one season and the beginning of another. It seems only fitting that we also share with you some news about transitions within our own KUA ʻohana. After a lot of thought, pule and conversation, and over a decade in leadership at KUA, our beloved Miwa Tamanaha has decided to step down from her position as Co-Director at the end of this month.

We have seasons. Our work is sacred. We persist.

A MESSAGE FROM OUR CO-DIRECTOR | Aloha friends, ‘ohana and supporters… I’ve been reflecting on the enduring cycles and rhythms that, despite our separateness, we continue to share in together. That we are pulled by the same moon, warmed by the same sun, receive the same changing of seasons, overseen by the same fundamental energetics–Lono, Kanaloa, Kū, Kāne… They persist. As do we.