Hāʻena Community based Subsistence Fishing Area Rules Granted a Public Hearing.

An impressive 48+ individuals and organizations submitted written testimony to support the BLNR’s appointment of a hearing on the Hāʻena Community Based Subsistence Fishing Area Rules (CBSFA Rules) and to have them heard on the north shore of Kauaʻi. To impress upon the BLNR further Presley Wann, President of the Hui Makaʻāinana o Makana (of […]

Hoʻōla Hou Iā Kalauao Upcoming Community Workday on 4/5/14

Mahiʻai, organic farmer, Anthony Deluze has been restoring loʻi in the ʻili of Kaʻōnohi. He can tell you the discrete markings and colorations that differentiate one kalo variety from another, how the water is flowing from one week to the next and how that affects growth…but he will also tell you how these important details […]

Hāna Limu Festival

KUA staff, Miwa & Alex plus intern, baby Pāliʻulā, are still coming off a high from the Hāna Limu Festival that took place November 8-9th, 2013. Miwa and Al went to support E Alu Pūʻs loea limu (limu experts) themselves: Uncle Henry Chang Wo and Aunty Nāpua Barrows. We were just missing Uncle Wally Ito whose […]