Hāʻena: Why we need to implement the first-ever CBSFA, by Eric Co

Eric Co is the Senior Program Officer of Marine Conservation for the Harold K.L Castle Foundation. Eric has over 15 years professional experience working in the fields of marine science and conservation in Hawai‘i, the Pacific Islands, the Caribbean, and Australia. His Master’s thesis was a study on the integration of Traditional Hawaiian marine management […]

Hāʻena Community based Subsistence Fishing Area Rules Granted a Public Hearing.

An impressive 48+ individuals and organizations submitted written testimony to support the BLNR’s appointment of a hearing on the Hāʻena Community Based Subsistence Fishing Area Rules (CBSFA Rules) and to have them heard on the north shore of Kauaʻi. To impress upon the BLNR further Presley Wann, President of the Hui Makaʻāinana o Makana (of […]