Wally Ito

Limu Hui Coordinator

Wally worked at various jobs throughout his life, 25 years of which was in his dad’s refrigeration/air conditioning business all the while contemplating about finishing a college degree he started right after graduating high school in 1971. Wally finally took the step to finish that degree by enrolling in Hawaii Pacific University’s Marine Science program in the fall of 2004. It took a while but he finally finished his final two classes in the summer of 2014 to obtain a BS in Marine Biology.

Wally is passionate about limu, its important role in the nearshore marine environment and its role in the Hawaiian culture. It is his desire to help capture and preserve traditional limu knowledge that is being lost as each generation passes on.

At any potluck, Uncle Wally will bring a mean ogo salad. Along with nurturing a growing limu network, one of Uncle Wallyʻs goals in life is to find a restaurant that serves the best beef stew. On Saturdays he takes care of his limu growing tanks with Uncle Henry Chang Wo and Sunday is “dive day” where bringing home an āholehole makes his week. He lives in Kapālama where he cares for his mother and keeps the grass green and freshly cut.