DOCARE: Why we need to restore Hawaii’s ability to enforce the laws that protect our precious natural resources

  DOCARE stands for the Division of Conservation and Resources Enforcement its mission is to: effectively upholds the laws that serve to protect, conserve and manage Hawaiʻi’s unique and limited natural, cultural and historic resources held in public trust for current and future generations of visitors and the people of Hawai’i nei. More info can […]

KUA’s New Home in Koʻolaupoko

  Mahalo nui to our PIPES intern Evy for contributing to our summer blog posts! And mahalo to Kaipo Kukahiko, KEY Project’s Executive Director, for his input and assistance. Aloha mai kākou! KUA has moved into its new location on the beautiful east side of Oʻahu in Kahaluʻu of Koʻolaupoko. KUA is now located in the Kahaluʻu multi-purpose […]

KUA welcomes a new member to the team

School is out, waves are up (at least on Oʻahu)…welcome to summer! Weʻre excited to have an intern join our team for 10 weeks, so if you ever stop by the office, make sure you say hi to Evy! She graciously agreed to introduce herself over the blog 😉 My name is Evelyn Braum and […]

Erin Zanre & Kawika Winter share about their visit to Yap

We were fortunate to have participated in a socio-economic monitoring training which was held in Yap, Federated States of Micronesia, through generous support from the Micronesia Conservation Trust and the Pacific Islands Managed and Protected Areas Community (PIMPAC) program. Despite the yawn-inspiring title of the workshop, this training was an inspiring exchange of knowledge and […]

E Alu Pū Member Receives National Wetland Community Leader Award

KUA Board Vice President and E Alu Pū member, Makaʻala Kaʻaumoana of the Hanalei Watershed Hui is a 2015 National Wetlands Award “Wetland Community Leader” recipient and will be recognized in Washington, DC on May 21st. Read the official Environmental Law Institute Press Release below. Congratulations Aunty Makaʻala! Environmental Law Institute Recognizes Seven National Wetlands […]

Hāʻena: Why we need to implement the first-ever CBSFA, by Eric Co

Eric Co is the Senior Program Officer of Marine Conservation for the Harold K.L Castle Foundation. Eric has over 15 years professional experience working in the fields of marine science and conservation in Hawai‘i, the Pacific Islands, the Caribbean, and Australia. His Master’s thesis was a study on the integration of Traditional Hawaiian marine management […]


In celebration of Makahiki and all things abundant in our lands, waters and communities, we invite you to participate in our first major social media campaign! The work to restore abundance by the kūpuna, uncles, aunties, mākua, and youth of E Alu Pū, Hui Mālama Loko Iʻa and the Limu Hui is an ʻauamo (burden, […]

Pu’uhonua for streams and loko i’a

If you have visited Halulu Fishpond (Kaua’i) in the past two years, you may have seen what looks like islands of plants within the water. These islands are actually floating rafts covered with native vegetation, and they were part of a project designed to suck up excess nutrients to prevent runoff into the ocean. Through […]


We constantly find inspiration in the persistence and tenacity of the many leaders in our communities. Tenacity: the quality or fact of being able to grip something firmly. Synonyms of this word include determination, perseverance, doggedness, strength of purpose, resoluteness, patience, steadfastness, endurance, stubbornness, tirelessness. It isn’t fair to say that our community leaders never get tired because they […]