Uncle Jerry Kaluhiwa, Na Koa Limu

Long before the Limu Hui was formed and long before many of us were even aware of the need to protect our limu beds, Jerry Leroy Mahilani Kaluhiwa predicted the decline of limu in Kaneʻohe Bay, Oahu. Unlike most people who just sit and complain about the need for somebody to do something, Uncle Jerry stepped up to do something about it.

© kim moa

Eldean Kukahiko, Na Koa Limu

I first met Eldean Kukahiko when KUAʻs office moved from the Box Jelly in Kakaʻako to the KEY Project in Kahaluʻu. Other than “hi – bye” kind of small talk, he and I never had a long engaging conversation. Then just a few weeks before this past June’s annual Limu Gathering on Lanaʻi, his son […]

Uncle Allen Kaiaokamalie, Na Koa Limu

Uncle Allen Kaiaokamalie spent alot of time at Keomoku, Maunalei Ahupua’a where he had his “limu farm” as he called it. It turned out to be an appropriate name for that place because he became very successful at growing ogo in open ocean cages. Early attempts to grow limu in this manner ended with frustration. […]

Lanaʻi Limu Restoration Project

Lānaʻi’s Uncle Allen Kaiaokamalie has dedicated much of his life to teaching young people of his community about land and ocean resources and how to mālama (care for) them. He remembers a time when fish and limu were abundant on the Maunalei shoreline and is saddened younger members of his community can’t fish and gather […]